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  • Korean Skin Care: 10 Steps to Flawless BeautyKorean Skin Care: 10 Steps to Flawless Beauty

    Korean women are famous for their beauty rituals using quality skin care. Every night they perform a 10-step routine of cleansing, hydration and treatment, and they try to prevent premature signs of ageing as best they can. Korean beauty is also ...


  • Review: The 5 Best Mascaras Review: The 5 Best Mascaras

    We asked beauty blogger Terry to pick her top five favourite mascaras, those she’s been testing for a while and she is happy with them. Is there your favourite mascara among these? The best mascaras 5. Avon True Colour This Avon mascara is the ...


  • The Big Lipstick Test: Which Ones Are Really Kiss-Proof?The Big Lipstick Test: Which Ones Are Really Kiss-Proof?

    We’ve all been there at one point or another: You’re leaving the house after putting on your favourite bold lipstick and you’re ready to tackle the world. Before stepping out the door, you turn around to give your partner a quick kiss, leaving them ...


  • How to get rid of acne?How to get rid of acne?

    Honestly, if you're expecting your acne to be miraculously cured overnight, this article will disappoint you. Getting rid of acne takes quite a while. If you’re lucky, the first results can be seen after a few weeks. Sounds promising? Then let’s ...


  • The big summer test: do you know which phototype you are?The big summer test: do you know which phototype you are?

    Before exposing your body to sunlight, you need a good sunscreen. And before you choose one, you also need to know what phototype you are – i.e. to what extent your skin reacts to UV radiation. This is the level of sensitivity that determines ...


  • Sunscreen test! Which one is the best?Sunscreen test! Which one is the best?

    Does the sunny spring weather always lift your spirits? We absolutely love it here at Notino. Whether you are on holiday in a tropical paradise, taking a walk in the countryside, or just going shopping in the baking hot city centre, you should ...


  • Choose a truly original gift for your mum!Choose a truly original gift for your mum!

    It’s Mother’s Day soon, so I’m starting to think about what the best present would be for my mum. What are you getting for your mum this year? Do we really even have to wait for a special day? Mums deserve to be pampered all year round! If you ...


  • STOP sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants!STOP sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants!

    On public transport and in lifts, one can tell summer has started well before temperatures reach their peak. The smell is impossible to ignore. Can it be avoided? Sweating is the body’s natural response to heat and a mechanism that helps it cool ...


  • The 5 Top Wedding Hairstyles for 2018The 5 Top Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

    The trend for weddings in meadows, on farms and in forests has continued... And a boho hairstyle is perfect for bridal hair, together with the retro touch of the 1930s, both the hottest style options. What is the advantage of this? You don’t need ...


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