Avon Naturals Fragrance Fine Magnolia Body Spray

  • Avon Naturals Fragrance Fine Magnolia Body Spray

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    • Avon Naturals Fragrance Fine Magnolia Body Spray  100 mlFine Magnolia Body Spray 

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      100 ml
      Beauty Code: AVO5050

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    Description of the product Avon Naturals Fragrance



    Cosmetic quality



    Skin type

    all skin types

    The Avon Naturals Fragrance body spray will ensure pleasant freshness at any time of day.


    • refreshes and energises
    • has a pleasant fragrance
    • moisturises and softens gently

    How to use:

    Apply at any time during the day.

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    About the brand Avon

    Avon beauty products and fragrances represent a true legend in the world of beauty. There is no doubt that Avon is one of the most respected cosmetic companies in the world, especially in direct sales. There are over six millions Avon Ladies and Avon Gentlemen selling the brand’s products around the world. The wide range of Avon products includes makeup and skin care, perfume, fashion, homeware and other lines.The brand was founded at the end of the 19th century by David McConnell, a book salesman who had the innovative idea to start adding a small perfumed token to every book. Pretty soon, his customers started to be more interested in the fragrances than the books. McConnell realised he was on to something and created his own California Perfume Company.Many of the brand’s products are named in honour of McConnells favourite author, William Shakespeare. Even the company itself is named after Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare was born.Avon’s philosophy is based on David McConnell’s belief that a successful sale always requires a personal touch, which is best achieved through direct contact with the customer. He became one of the first employers to give women the opportunity to earn their own money and be financially independent of men.Nowadays, Avon is still very much concerned not only with giving women work opportunities, but also protecting their health and defending their rights. That’s why Avon actively participates in many campaigns that raise awareness of problems like breast cancer or domestic violence. As part of their social responsibility policy, the company also supports the restoration of rainforests and was among the first cosmetics producers to stop testing on animals.Of Avon’s most popular lines, you might be familiar with Anew, Luxe, Planet Spa, Solutions, Avon Color, Skin-So-Soft or Advance Techniques. The great range of makeup, skin care, fragrances and other products is developed in Avon’s Research and Development center in the state of New York, which employs expert biochemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, dermatologists and other specialists.Avon will make your life more beautiful. Take your pick from the wide selection of Avon makeup, perfumes and skin care offered by Beautyspin.

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