BlanX White Shock

Cosmetic Set III.

BlanX White Shock Cosmetic Set III.
Cosmetic Set III.

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Whitening Treatment 50 ml + LED Bite

GLS (Schenker) - 4 days to southern part of Sweden
Friday 2019-05-31
BlanX White Shock
Cosmetic Set III. | 169,00kr


Type of set
Cosmetic Set

About the brand BlanX

BlanX cosmetics | BlanX has a comprehensive range of whitening toothpastes and dental care products. Their patented formula with Arctic lichen whitens teeth in a natural way. These lichens are traditionally used by local people to clean and protect their teeth. BlanX dental care includes comprehensive care in the form of natural toothpastes, mouthwashes, whitening treatments, and a special whitening pen.  
The BlanX Biphasic Whitening system is based on the same principle as having your teeth whitened at the dentist. Buy high-quality products at for dental care with a major discount compared with prices in pharmacies and chemists.