Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher

Soft Polisher

Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher Soft Polisher
Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher Soft Polisher
75 ml

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Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher
75 ml | 305,00kr

Product description Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher

The Shiseido Waso Soft+Cushy Polisher face scrub cleans the skin deep down, rids it of all dirt and smooths it.


  • washes and cleans the entire face thoroughly
  • smooths and softens skin
  • tightens enlarged pores
  • can also be used on sensitive skin

How to use:
Apply to a wet face, massage gently, then rinse carefully with water.


first wrinkles
Complexion type
all skin types

About the brand Shiseido

Shiseido fragrance | Shiseido beauty brand was born in 1872 which makes it one of the oldest brands of skin care in the world. Over the course of its history, Shiseido saw the rise of many different categories of beauty products in general, probably the most prominent among them being hair care and skin care for both women and men.

For the longest time, Shiseido products have been reliable and highly effective in helping the brand’s customers feel beautiful. Especially over the last few decades, Shiseido also became one of the most popular fragrance brands on the market.