Yankee Candle Midsummer´s Night Fragranced Pearles

  • Yankee Candle Midsummer´s Night Fragranced Pearles

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    • Yankee Candle Midsummer´s Night Fragranced Pearles 170 g  Fragranced Pearles 170 g  

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    Description of the perfume Yankee Candle Midsummer´s Night


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Herbal Notes, Woody Notes, Lime, Bergamot, Citrus Fruit

    Middle notes

    Sage, Lavender

    Base notes

    Juniper Berries, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Moss

    Yankee Candle Midsummer´s Night fragrant beads are an excellent way of making smaller spaces smell great. They are suitable wherever you would like to neutralise unwanted odours and freshen the air.


    • a warm fragrance

    How to use:

    Use according to the instructions included.

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    About the brand Yankee Candle

    The idea for Yankee Candle came about back in 1969 when Mike Kittredge gave his mother a handmade candle for Christmas. She loved it, as did everyone she knew, so Mike continued to make candles. Thanks to his huge success, he soon moved production from his garage to an old paper mill, thus founding his own brand, Yankee Candle.

    From the moment you light it until it is burnt out, the Yankee Candle provides a wonderful, lasting, pure scent which is the perfect complement to any interior. The candles contain a high amount of aromatic oils and natural extracts. Each fragrant essence is true to the ingredient, place or experience it is inspired by. The atmosphere it evokes in your home – relaxing, festive or refreshing – only depends on which one you choose.

    Everyone will love a gift from this range, with the Yankee Candle Christmas special editions being a hit, as will be the Yankee Candle wax melts, a Yankee Candle Gift Set or a Yankee Candle Car Freshener.

    Today the brand is the best-known manufacturer of scented candles and home fragrances. You can find them in 20 countries all over the world and the USA alone has over 18,000 shops. And to think it all began with one little present for mummy...

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