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Wedding makeup

Be irresistible on your wedding day! We have selected the best products for your bridal makeup that will look great and last throughout your entire wedding day. What will be your choice and what look will you go for on your wedding day?


  • Wedding makeup needs to resist the heat, tears and kissing. First, make sure you use a primer under your foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow. Choose waterproof, long-lasting products for your makeup and don’t forget to set it well with powder and lipstick sealer.
  • Adapt your bridal makeup to the style of your wedding. For a historical venue, a subtle, romantic look tends to be better, while a beach wedding calls for bronze shades to match your tan.
  • Match your bridal makeup to your wedding colours. The lipstick, eyeshadows and nail polish all need to complement one another.
  • Your bridal makeup has to look good in photos, so the photoshoot will require stronger makeup. Don’t overdo it, though! Avoid dark smokey shades and strong eyeliner.

Finally, don’t forget to try out your wedding makeup look in advance – not just to see the end results but also to check how well it lasts. It’s the only way you’ll know that everything will be perfect on the day.

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