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Wedding perfume for groom

Smell like the perfect gent at your wedding! We have picked out the best wedding fragrances for grooms to keep you smelling nice all day long. Which one will you choose?


  • Choose a groom aftershave based on the season and the time of your wedding. While in winter or at an evening wedding you can wear a heavier, stronger fragrance, a summer wedding in the sun requires something lighter.
  • Choose your wedding fragrance according to the style of your wedding, or even its colour scheme.
  • Ideally, you should match your fragrance to the bride’s perfume. You could even choose the same perfume with versions for him and for her, or a shared unisex perfume.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss the choice of wedding fragrance with your bride. You aren’t just choosing your wedding aftershave for yourself, it’s for her too.

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