Tillbaka till huvudinnehållet

Wedding preparation

Dazzle everyone at your wedding with perfect makeup, radiant skin, fantastic hair and a delightful perfume. We have carefully selected the best beauty products and fragrances for you to simply shine at your wedding. So what do we have for you?


Pre-wedding preparations

The bride’s preparations start way before the wedding day itself. Get into the spirit several weeks beforehand, preparing your skin, pampering it with face masks, softening the skin all over your body and soothing your mind with aromatherapy. With our face masks, scrubs, body lotions and calming scented candles, the job is half done for you already.

If you are going to a wedding as a guest and want to treat the bride to a special something, have a look at our selection of wedding gifts. A great perfume, a luxury candle or a gift set is sure to make her happy.

A must-have for every bride

On the day itself, everything has to be perfect. We have top wedding perfumes, plus the best products to create both your dream wedding makeup and the perfect, lasting wedding hairstyle you can rely on.

Wedding guests also want to look their best on the day of the wedding. Get a wedding basket for the bathroom in case their makeup or hairstyle gets messed up.

Something for the groom

We have chosen the best body, hair and beard care products for the groom, as well as the best wedding aftershave for men. After all, the groom has to keep up with the bride and not fall behind in glamour or style.

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